Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

There’s really no recipe to these, they are super easy to make. I used leftover macaroni I had from a dinner party. You want to make sure the mac and cheese is chilled in the fridge so that it’s really cold.

IMG_2349 (800x533)

Using an ice cream scoop size worked best for me as when I tried to do the smaller bite size cookie scoop it didn’t hold together. Once you scoop out your ball you will want to shape it and make sure it’s tight so it will hold together. Place on a plate and freeze at least 10 minutes.

IMG_2351 (800x533)

Once they are frozen dip them in a beaten egg then dredge in panko bread crumbs.

IMG_2421 (800x533)

Fry until nice and golden.

IMG_2423 (800x533)IMG_2426 (800x533)

Serve with ranch or marinara sauce.

IMG_2428 (800x533)

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