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When I’m working on a new recipe I often stare at an ingredient and think “how can this be the star or compliment the dish?” I admit I talk to ingredients it’s not as crazy as it sounds, but sometimes it works and I have the next big idea and run with it. I mostly design recipes for contest and my husband is a great support in my crazy hobby. Since entering cooking contest I have come across photo contests which has become a new obsession for me. I try to take pictures of all the food I make before it all gets eaten up. My other weakness is collecting cookbooks, probably have way too many to look at them all but I love seeing how food changes over time and what the new trends are. History is written so we can learn and grow from it.

My goal with this blog is to share my experiences in hopes to inspire others that you can find inspiration in food. Cooking sounds stressful but if you step back and take in all the sights, smells and sounds it’s relaxing and can clear your head after a stressful day. You may control the food, but the food influences you. I look forward to hearing your comments, questions and suggestions. Join me as I find inspiration in food!

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