While you have the grill going this summer you’ll want to try one of these tasty treats. They’re filling and work great for any party. I originally tried these at a baby shower (click HERE for details). I wasn’t sure about them at first, but then I got hooked. I told Kimberly I would steal the recipe to share with you guys, but she still gets credit for introducing me to these tasty wraps. There’s really no exact amount to this so I’m just listing the ingredients.


Roasted Veggie Wraps

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1 package large tortillas (spinach or tomato basil)
sliced provolone cheese 
8 ounce package flavored cream cheese
2 (6 ounce) packages fresh baby spinach
assorted roasted veggies such as carrots, peppers, eggplant and squash

Lay out a tortilla on your work surface. Top with 2 slices of provolone.


Spread a small amount of cream cheese on top. Top with spinach then a few slices of roasted vegetables.


Roll up and secure with toothpicks then slice in bite size pieces.


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