In my opinion appetizers are the way to go instead of a meal sometimes. I made these last year on Halloween night to get my kiddo to pop a bunch in his mouth because he was too excited to get out trick or treating. They where easy to put in a baggie and keep him fueled as they hit the streets.

I like to prep these earlier in the day then pop them in the oven when I’m ready. You could even cut all the little smokies in advance then just roll them when you are ready to assemble. They seem like a lot of work, but really they are easy once you have an assembly line going.

You’ll take each little sausage and cut 3 lines on each side. I used the crescent roll sheets and cut thin strips of crescent rolls to wrap around the center of each spider. You can also use regular crescent rolls if you can’t find the sheets.

Once you have all the spiders prepped, line them on your baking sheet. You’ll want to press in 2 black sesame seeds as the eyes then bake until golden brown. Don’t worry that the legs still look like a whole sausage, they will separate as they bake.

From our family to yours we wish you a Spooktacular fun and safe Halloween this weekend!

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