Who doesn’t love a spooky treat during October? We had a blast making these ghost doughnuts and we even made some ghost poop which had my son cracking up. You can call it ghost eggs if you have real littles, but what’s funnier than saying poop non stop for little boys?!

There’s really no recipe I used canned biscuits for this as well as a small circle cutter. You can just poke a hole with a straw or your finger as well. We stretched out the holes to make them look like a mouth and more ghostly shaped.

We fried our doughnuts just a few minutes on each side. You could also bake them in the oven or air fry them.

Once they come out of the fryer and drain, dust them with powdered sugar to give them that ghostly look!

Hope you enjoy these ghostly doughnuts! Happy haunting!!!

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