I’m sure we all need a fun distraction to stretch the long days lately. I wanted to share a couple of “egg-citing” experiments and unique ways to color eggs Easter eggs. Let us know if you try any and which one is your favorite!

First Option – Shaving Cream

I made the mistake of making the layer of shaving cream too thick you just need a thin layer to do this. Drop food coloring around in the shaving cream then swirl to get cool effects. Roll the eggs in the shaving cream coating them well then move to a paper towel. Again you don’t need a ton to do this or it takes longer to dry. Let dry (best overnight) then wipe off excess shaving cream and you get a cool effect.

Second Option – Silver Eggs

I found this cool idea from Housing a Forest. Click on the link for step by step instructions and the Science behind it. We thought it was cool. It’s more of an optical illusion with the reflections, but still excited none the less! I recommend the tongs and using a candle instead of a lighter.

Third Option – Naked Eggs

Who needs colored eggs when you can play with a naked bouncing egg. My son loved this one and we got to tie in Science as well as to why and how it happens. Bouncy Egg Experiment Of course it will take 2 days to remove the shell and I recommend doing more than one egg. He played with it and did the experiment of seeing how high you can drop it and it’ll not break till it busted so it didn’t last as long as we wanted.

Fourth Option – Natural Dye

I think it’s always neat to use items around the kitchen to dye eggs with. For this one I used Coke to show my son why we use toothpaste and why it’s good to brush your teeth. You simply cover one egg in toothpaste and drop it in the soda and leave one uncovered in soda overnight. We should have used a thicker layer of toothpaste, but the point still got across and thankfully grossed him out to keep him away from sodas a while longer.

There are plenty of resources online about making natural food dyes so be sure to do some research together.

Fifth Option – Markers

If you don’t have any egg dye, markers work wonders! All you need is some markers and a ziplock baggie. Rub some markers on as a pattern then wrap the baggie on an egg and the marker will transfer over. We thought it was neat and made a cool sponge design.

Let us know if you have any cool techniques you use with your family!

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