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It’s FINALLY October! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. We got out our decorations in September over a rainy weekend and I decided to make a Halloween themed lunch. One dish for “mummy’s boy” and one for my “batty husband”. They got a kick out of them so I thought I would share. They are actually pretty easy to make the meatball bats are the most time consuming.

For the pasta and sauce I cheated and used ingredients from HEB since the sauce is one of our favorites, plus it’s orange so win for me. I used spinach pasta, you could also use squid ink for black pasta, but I couldn’t find it on my last trip there. They recently moved everything in the store and I gave up in frustration.

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For the “mummy’s boy” I just used a mozzarella string cheese stick. I cut off 2 rounds for the eyes and used cracker crumbs for the pupal. Just shred the cheese and layer like a mummy.

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For the meatball bats – I started with crackers and cut them on an angle to make them into wings.

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For the eyes I did the same as above. If you want them perfectly round you can use a straw. We aren’t fans of olives, but if you need larger eyes for our meal, use a tapioca straw for the cheese and a regular straw on an olive.

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Add to your pasta and have a spooky meal!

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