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With the storm headed our way today I bring a cocktail in the time of the unknown of watching and waiting. Prayers to everyone in the path and those who will be effected by the storm.

We have never been a huge fan of gin. Back in the day we only used it to make Long Island Ice Teas and since then it’s been sitting on a shelf untouched. The bottle is finally getting some attention again after I had this drink at a friends house. Love using some fresh ingredients in with a classic cocktail.

If your drink is a little tart from the grapefruit you can add a pinch of sugar or a splash of simple syrup.

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Grapefruit & Mint Gin and Tonic

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2 sprigs fresh mint

1 wedge of grapefruit

2 ounces gin

4 ounces tonic

You can muddle the mint with the grapefruit or just add in the drink itself. I squeezed the grapefruit juice out of the wedge then added the rind to the drink. Add gin then top off with tonic.

IMG_1546 (800x800)

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