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I’m about to be out on vacation so that means easy blog post this week! I do intend on making this for my next girls day!! Wow was this good. I started by trying the wine and I didn’t care for it at all. I then was talked into trying the sangria and holy moly was it good! It was a perfect blend of flavors, not too tart, not too sweet and really made me feel like I was sitting by the pool. Make a batch up for 4th of July I promise your gest will love it!!

Breezy White Sangria

(Adapted from HEB)


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1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc

1 bag HEB Frozen Pineapple Chunks

3 small limes, juiced

1 cucumber, sliced

1 pack HEB Organics fresh mint

1 bottle HEB Twist Lemon Lime Soda


Add pineapple, lime juice, and cucumber into a large pitcher or bowl. Pour wine and soda over fruit. Muddle mint in a small bowl and mix into sangria. Stir and serve!

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