We originally did this as an Earth project, then it became so easy we made a few more for our lake house to watch the birds. It seems to be a huge hit and made it through a bunch of storms, not to mention kept the rain water out pretty good. My son painted a bird house he got in his Easter basket this year and thinks it’ll be a great addition to have food near their home. I feel kind of bad now because the bird house is so tiny I don’t think any birds will fit in it. Maybe another Summer project to have him build one with daddy.

IMG_6002 (600x800)

We used a box cutter to cut out the sections on each side then using 2 skewers we made them cross over from side to side. A side note is to use a jug with a screw cap! This keeps the project together!! I unscrewed the lid then using a skewer poked a hole in the top. I then used string or floral wire to hang with.

IMG_6001 (800x600)

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