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I did these for our last big pool party and they seemed to be a hit! I served them with the veggie kabobs I posted Friday. The chicken stayed nice and moist and packed full of flavor. We ate the leftovers over salad and as chicken tacos, so there is lots of ways to use this chicken. Since I used a separate recipe for the veggie kabobs I did not marinate any in this version.

Chicken kabobs

(Adapted from My Zucchini Recipes)


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1 large skinless chicken breast fillet

1 zucchini

1-1/2 bell pepper

2-3 tomatoes

1-1/2 onion

5-6 mushrooms

for the marinade:

1 clove of garlic

½ tablespoon ketchup (optional)

2 tablespoons oil

½ tablespoon paprika cream (optional)

½ tablespoon soya sauce





First prepare the marinade: mix together the oil with the minced garlic, soya sauce, paprika cream, ketchup, salt, pepper and paprika to taste.


Cut the skinless boneless chicken breast into same-sized little chunks.


Cut the unpeeled zucchini into small pieces or thin slices.


Slice the bell-pepper and onion into same-sized chunks. Peel the mushroom cups, if are large cut them in half.


Put all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix them well with the marinade. Let the meat and the veggies marinate in the fridge min. 1-2 hours.


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Preheat the grill or the oven.


Cut the tomatoes into chunks.


Arrange the ingredients on a wooden skewer as you wish.


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Place the skewers on the prepared grill, cook them until the chicken is lightly brown and well done, turning them on each side.


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If you are cooking them in the oven, place the kabobs on the oiled grid. Place a large baking sheet below the grid. Grill the kabobs for 30-35 minutes, turning them at each side, until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Serve the kabobs hot.

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