This is the first cake I’ve made in a crockpot. I think it came out more like a pudding texture than a cake. It’s also not the best presentation either. I probably won’t be doing this recipe again, but I would give another crockpot cake recipe a try.

Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper Cobbler in the Crockpot

(Adapted from Life Should Cost Less)


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One 21 oz can of Cherry Pie Filling

One Devil’s Food Cake Mix

One 20oz bottle of Dr. Pepper

½ C Butter


Grease your Crockpot (I use a 3-Quart Slow Cookerclip_image001_thumb[4]for this recipe) then evenly spread the cherries in the bottom.




Add the dry cake mix and spread it out evenly.




Add the Dr. Pepper. Make sure that you don’t just pour it all in one spot. Use even motion and spread over the entire cake mix as best you can. I love how much it bubbles up and gets frothy!




Cube the Butter.


Spread the cubed butter over the top of the Dr. Pepper froth.




Add the lid and set on High for about two hours.


When the two hours is up check to make sure it’s done.

Top with Vanilla Ice Cream and Enjoy!


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