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Are the kids driving you nuts yet being out of school? Keep them busy with this super easy gingerbread play dough.

We originally tested this stuff at our co-op we are a part of. It smells FANTASTIC and doesn’t crumble and make a mess like store bought play dough. My son can’t get enough and the fact that it has a large amount means I don’t have to worry about him wanting to mix all the colors. For more fun add some gingerbread cookie cutters and beads or beans so they can make their own pretend cookies.

Also don’t forget to make a fun healthy holiday snack!


Gingerbread Play Dough

(Adapted from Housing a Forest)


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1 cup Flour

1/4 cup Salt

2 tsp Cream of Tartarclip_image001

1 cup Water

1 1/2  or 2 TBSP Vegetable Oil ~ I have used both measurements successfully and love how soft it makes the dough feel.

1 – 2 tsp ground Cinnamon

1- 2 tsp ground Ginger

1 tsp ground Nutmeg

1 tsp ground Cloves


Feel free to play with the quantity of spices that you add.  We use different amounts each time, and they all smell amazing.


Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan ~ I like to mix the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients separately.


IMG_4845 (800x533)IMG_4846 (800x533)IMG_4847 (800x533)IMG_4848 (800x533)


Stir until your mixture resembles cake batter.  It may still have a few lumps in it at this point.


Cook slowly over medium heat, stirring constantly.


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It shouldn’t take too long for the mixture to thicken…continue stirring.


Once the mixture forms one large “clump” (I’m sure that is the technical term) you are good to go.  Simply remove the dough from the heat, and knead by hand until smooth.


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Caution…let cool before you let little fingers touch it.  It will be very hot at this point.

This recipe makes about 2 cups of Gingerbread Play Dough.


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