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These are easy ideas for your little ones, or adults, who wouldn’t love a little change up in their lunch. I’ve got 3 ideas today to get you in the spirit of the holiday!

For the bug above I used a circle biscuit cutter on 2 slices of bread. I lathered on some peanut butter then used broken pieces of pretzels as legs. Once you close the sandwich I put 2 dried blueberries for the eyes. You could use Crain raisins or raisins or any other item that you have on hand as the eyes. If you use the pretzel sticks the legs are straighter and look more like a spider. OH and don’t let those outer pieces go to waste. Save them for breakfast the next morning by making egg in the middle of toast.

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Here’s another idea from Vivian’s lunch in our playgroup. She used the straight pretzels and made a happy face and her sandwich.

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If bugs are not your thing try a grilled cheese jack o lantern. You could also do this with a tortilla. I grilled the cut out piece of bread first then added the cheese and 2nd slice of bread before flipping it. That way your cheese won’t melt through the cut out parts. (Turns out my carving skills on bread isn’t much better than on pumpkins!)

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Who says you can’t play with your food?

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