If you are looking for a tasty holiday cocktail to serve at your party this year this is a yummy one that will be on my list.  

Also, if you’re in the NY area make sure to come in from 4-8pm and take advantage of NoMa Social’s 4×4 deal during the winter season. Choose any 4 different wines, cocktails, beers and tapas for only 4 dollars each. This little gem is on their menu to in case you are looking for a little holiday spirit while you are out.

Candy Cane Cooler

(Adapted from NoMa Social)


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1 tbs crushed soft peppermint candy 1½ fl oz vodka

splash of white creme de menthe

¼ fl oz brandy

½ fl oz half-and-half

Crushed ice

Peppermint stick for garnish

Mint sprig for garnish

Combine the vodka and crushed peppermint.  Stir to dissolve.  Add the remaining ingredients, stir and garnish.

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