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Today we are hosting the Halloween party for our playgroup and we are so excited. Well, probably more me than my son. He just loves to play, meanwhile I enjoy the planning part. I wanted to do a fun little goodie bag, but being they are toddlers you can’t just fill them with candy and send them on their merry way. Thank goodness for Pinterest I found a few things on there I could make and stick in there with some extra goodies.

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For the Jack-o-lanterns I just got little prepackaged fruit cups and using a black Sharpie marker I drew on the faces. The tip is to use a brand new sharpie to get a nice dark black otherwise it looks a little more washed out and doesn’t color on as good.

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For the applesauce mummies I took the pouches of applesauce and used the  white garland paper and some double sided tape. You only need two pieces one for the start and one for the end of the wrap. After they where wrapped I used some white glue and google eyes from the craft store to add some character. You could also take it one step further and using black paint pipe on a mouth, but I thought they where cute like this.

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To make the pumpkin bags I painted the clothes pins green and also made green handprints with my sons’ hand.

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I couldn’t find orange bags, being short on time, so I used brown then painted on a pumpkin shape.

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On Wednesday I’ll post some pictures from the party and a yummy treat to sneak in some veggies to the kiddos.

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