Copycat Red Robin Banzai Burger Recipe

We don’t go to Red Robin that often, unless it’s around our birthday’s when you get a free burger. When we do go I usually order this burger because I love pineapple. Same with pizza I’m a huge pepperoni and pineapple fan. Anyway, I loved the idea of just making them at home. Since we have a freezer full of steer meat I used one package for my flavor of burger and another for hubby’s. (He likes a bacon bacon burger, I’ll have to post it another time.) I used a bottle of spicy teriyaki sauce and boy was that sucker spicy. Next time I’ll opt for the original. I also used Colby jack on my burger since I prefer that over the stronger cheddars. Can’t wait to make these again. Also see my note in red below I think mixing the sauce in with the meat worked better for a better flavor and you can also sauce the meat as it’s cooking if you want additional.

Copycat Red Robin Banzai Burger Recipe

(Adapted from Six Sisters Stuff)


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1 1/3 pounds ground beef

4 pineapple rings

2 cups teriyaki sauce

4 slices cheddar cheese

4 hamburger buns with sesame seeds

4 Tablespoons mayonnaise

4 slices tomatoes

1 cup shredded lettuce

Form ground beef into 4 equal sized patties. Pour one cup of teriyaki sauce in a container and let hamburger patties marinate for at least thirty minutes. (I just mixed the sauce in with the meat instead of pouring it over the meat.)


 IMG_6532 (800x533)IMG_6534 (800x533)


Pour the second cup of teriyaki sauce in a bowl and let pineapple rings marinate for at least thirty minutes.


 IMG_6529 (800x533)


Remove hamburger patties from teriyaki sauce and grill on high heat until you reach desired doneness.


 IMG_6540 (800x533)


Melt cheese on top of hamburgers while still on the grill.


 IMG_6547 (800x533)


Grill pineapple rings on medium heat for one minute on each side.


 IMG_6544 (800x533)


Spread 1/2 Tablespoon of mayonnaise on each half of each hamburger bun. Place tomato slices on the bottom buns and top with hamburger patties. On top of each hamburger patty, place pineapple rings and shredded lettuce. Top with top half of hamburger buns. Serve with extra teriyaki sauce.

IMG_6548 (800x533)

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