Back to School Cake

While I don’t have any kids in school yet, I do love when school starts. I can finally shop in peace again and go out in public without the area being taken over by kiddos. I have to admit I will miss having babysitters available during the day so that’s gonna be a bummer until the holidays. It’s always give and take there’s pros and cons to everything.

To kick off this time of year, I made a cake for our street’s back to school party. It’s been a while since I’ve done a cake, but I think it came out pretty cute. I forget simple tricks so my cake sagged a little in the middle. I should have flipped the cakes over before icing them to keep them more level too. The good thing is kids don’t care they just get excited about cake haha. I LOVE how my notebook paper cupcake toppers came out!!

There isn’t really a recipe today it’s more of step by step instructions of how my cake came together.

Hope everyone has a great year!!

For the toppers I melted white chocolate and spread it on parchment paper then popped it in the fridge to firm up. I then took my biscuit cutter and let it sit in hot water to warm it up before drying it off and cutting out my circles. I also took a knife and shaved around the edges I didn’t want them to be perfect, but look more like torn paper. Next, I used edible markers found in the baking isle and drew on the blue and red lines. The black marker didn’t stand out as good as I wanted so I used a paint brush and black food coloring.

IMG_6553 (800x533)IMG_6555 (800x533)IMG_6571 (800x533)IMG_6570 (800x533)IMG_6572 (800x533)IMG_6573 (800x533)IMG_6574 (800x533)IMG_6592 (800x533)IMG_6597 (800x533)

For the cake: I baked baked them in loaf pans instead of a cake pan then trimmed up the pointy end of the pencil. I colored icings and then freehanded the pencil coloring.

IMG_6586 (800x533)IMG_6587 (800x533)IMG_6588 (800x533)IMG_6589 (800x533)IMG_6590 (800x533)IMG_6591 (800x533)IMG_6595 (800x533)IMG_6600 (800x533)

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