Recently we had dinner at our friends house and they made these delicious little balls for dessert. OMG they are so addicting! Of course I had to get the recipe and make them as soon as possible! They are super easy to make ahead of time and we had enough left for the week and they tasted great. When I made the recipe I doubled it to use the whole package of Oreos and cream cheese.

I had trouble with the dipping part where they seemed to get really mushy to solve that and make them pretty looking I dipped the bottoms in chocolate then stuck them in the fridge to harden. Next I took a butter knife and iced them like a cake on the sides and top. This made them look nicer instead of a puddle of chocolate around the base.

Oreo Butterfinger Truffles

(Adapted from a friend)

This recipe is for 20 truffles. It’s easy to double if you need more

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1/2 pkg Oreos

1/2 8 oz. pkg of cream cheese, softened

1 Butterfinger candy bar

8 oz. Baker’s Semi-sweet chocolate, melted


Crush the Oreos and Butterfinger in a food processor for finer crumbs or I put them into a Ziploc bag and take a rolling pin to them for bigger chunks. (I used a food processor.)




Place crushed crumbs in medium bowl and add cream cheese. Mix well.




Roll into balls, between ping pong and golf balls, placing on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper so they don’t stick. Refrigerate about 30 minutes so they don’t fall apart in the chocolate. (I used a small cookie scoop.)




Once refrigerated, melt Baker’s chocolate per the package instructions and plop balls into chocolate until completely covered. Fish out with a slotted spoon and place back on lined cookie sheet.




Once they are all covered in chocolate, refrigerate at least an hour so the Baker’s chocolate hardens.


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