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As if I don’t have enough collections of items in my house to use for craft projects, this one I’m happy to say doesn’t take up too much room unlike some of my other stuff. I had gotten the idea of these cute little snowmen from Crafts by Amanda last year and started saving all the tags I could. I even roped my mom into it so I would have enough for this year. Amanda also did some super cute bread tag monsters which you can view HERE so I guess I better keep saving them haha.

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First you lay out all the white tags. If you need to use the color ones you can paint them white.

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You want to do the cheeks first. Use an old scruffy brush and dip it in pink paint. Dab off the excess paint on a piece of paper. Dab the cheeks on with the pink paint.

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Add noses to the bread clips. You can make them like a stick or more of a triangle.

IMG_0529 (800x533)IMG_0530 (800x533)

Dip the handle end of a small paintbrush into black paint. Dot on the eyes. You could also use a sharpie if you want.

 IMG_0532 (800x533)

You have to be careful if you use the tip of the paintbrush or else you end up with angry eyes haha.

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Use the same dotting method to add a mouth if you like, or use a Sharpie marker. NOTE: If using a Sharpie, let these sit for several hours before spraying with sealer, otherwise the ink may run. If not using Sharpie, just allow the paint to dry then spray with sealer. I didn’t spray mine with a sealer.

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I did a few faces, but I think I like them without the mouth part drawn on.

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They look great attached to your bags in your gift basket.

IMG_0731 (800x533)

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