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Recently I hosted a Stella & Dot trunk show. This is one of the first parties I’ve done where you have something out to play with and purchase. I had been to a neighbors in the past and fell in love with their jewelry, so I decided since I’m hooked might as well host a trunk show and check out the new stuff out in their Fall line.

One of the reasons I love my kitchen is because of the 8 foot island. We where able to spread out all the goodies.

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My favorite piece had to be the earrings at the top of the picture below! I can’t wait to get these and wear them for the holidays!!! I just love their products. Every thing is light weight and affordable with a lifetime guarantee.

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Thanks to these lovely girls for coming out, we had such a good time! Also a special thank you to our Personal Stylist Lindsey Neuhaus for sharing all these goodies and letting us play dress up!


I made several snacks and also wanted to do something girly so I did these high heels. They came out super cute and weren’t as hard to make as I thought they would be. I did find out however I won’t be a shoe designer anytime soon! I felt drained trying to come up with different designs.

Over time I have seen these done several ways online with graham crackers dipped in chocolate and decorated, but that seemed like more work. I went for the more direct route using Milano cookies.

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I cut a notch out of the top of the cupcake after they where baked and cooled. Just keep adjusting the amount of cake you take out by inserting the cookie to get the right angle.

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Cut the pirouette cookies at a slight angle to the size you want. Dip end in chocolate or icing and attach to the Milano.

IMG_9549 (800x533)

Remove the cookie and frost the cupcake. You don’t want to cover the hole you just did.

IMG_9550 (800x533)

Insert cookie back in the hole and decorate as desired. You can get as fancy as you want with them. I piped a few of the cookies with the pink icing, but you can really just let your imagination go.

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