I love a yummy summer cocktail and this is yummy like a pina colada, but not as heavy feeling. I blended mine and added some rum to make it more it last longer by the pool in our 100 degree Texas heat.

Blue Pina Colada Punch

(Adapted from The High Heeled Hostess)

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I package Blue Raspberry unsweetened kool-aid powder

3/4 cups sugar

2 quarts water (according to kool-aid directions)

10 oz Pina Colada Mix

1- 2 liter bottle of sprite

1 lemon sliced (optional)

Mix the kool-aid powder with sugar and water. Then mix in the Pina Colada mix and sprite. Garnish with lemon slices.


After I mixed it up I put some of the mix in the blender with some ice and rum and made a frozen drink out of it. If you have a big party this will stretch it, but as you can see above it makes 2 pitchers full.


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