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Growing up my grandmother and mom always made Watergate Salad which is similar to this but uses pistachio pudding instead of cherry pie filling. We liked this recipe it’s easy and makes a good amount for a crowd.

Cherry Salad

(Adapted from Kid Giddy)

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1 (24 ounce) can Cherry pie filling

2/3 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (usually only comes as 14 oz)

1 (8 oz) can of Crushed Pineapple

2/3 bag Mini Marshmallows

1 cup Chopped Pecans (optional)

16-24oz Cool Whip

First, completely drain the crushed pineapple. I’ve tried this a few ways. The best way I have found is using a small wire mesh strainer and a spatula and pushing all the juice into a cup or bowl (to drink or discard). The more juice you drain the better or else it will cause separation.

Next combine all the ingredients except the cool whip and the cherry pie filling. Make sure to mix well. Then fold in the cherry pie filling and then fold in the Cool Whip.

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Let it sit overnight in the fridge.

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