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I’m excited to have the opportunity to partner with Campbell’s for today’s post and share an exciting new product they have out!

I love how easy these packets are, which is great for quick dinners and while traveling. Since we where up at the lake this week, this came in handy not having to pack a ton of seasonings or extra stuff to make dinner with. Of course now with the holiday’s in full swing these will come in handy for sure!

Campbell’s Skillet Sauces are available in six (6) great-tasting varieties:

  • Creamy Chipotle with Roasted Corn & Black Beans
  • Marsala with Mushrooms & Garlic
  • Thai Green Curry with Lemongrass & Basil
  • Toasted Sesame with Garlic & Ginger
  • Fire Roasted Tomato with Red Bell Peppers & Chiles
  • Scampi with White Wine & Garlic

Ready in just 15 minutes, with three easy steps:

    1. HEAT. Heat oil in skillet over medium/high heat.
    2. ADD. Add your protein or vegetables and cook until browned.
    3. STIR. Stir in sauce and heat to boil. Reduce heat and cover for five minutes or until protein is cooked through and/or vegetables are tender.

Skillet Sauces are available at grocery stores nationwide alongside boxed dinner kits, marinades, sauces, gravy or broth. If you’re unable to find the sauces in your local grocery story, please ask the store manager or contact Campbell’s Consumer Response Center at 855.374.6588.

We decided to try the Marsala and Tahi Green Curry first.

I cut up the chicken for the curry dish

IMG_5896 (Copy)IMG_5899 (Copy)IMG_5911 (Copy)

For the marsala dish I left the breast whole and served it with pasta.

IMG_5906 (Copy)IMG_5915 (Copy)IMG_5916 (Copy)

Overall I thought that the curry flavor was good, if you don’t care for the overwhelming Indian flavor, but just want a lighter version. The marsala I didn’t really like the flavor, but I did like that the sauces where nice and thick and not watered down. For the convenience factor, quickness and cheap price of $2.79 in the store, I would probably try them again. I still have 2 more flavors I can’t wait to try.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Campbell supplied me with the product so I could post about my experience. All opinions are my own.

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