I was recently contacted to try a new brand of chips that hit the market and honestly I’m glad I found these little jewels now instead of later. The Better Chip only uses all natural ingredients. No preservatives, no gluten, non GMO (Genetically Modified) ingredients and no cholesterol. Ok it’s healthy now does it taste good you ask? YES OMG I am addicted to these!


I put out a little sampling to see what the reactions I got and everyone wanted more. I thought I would have a clear favorite, but honestly I was torn between the red pepper for snacking and the sweet onion for dipping. The same thing happened with everyone else we all kept flipping on which one we liked.


The jalapeno had a nice after heat to it. I really liked this one with dips, they added a little zip to the flavor.


The Red Pepper I was unsure if I would like a first, but this turned out to be my favorite one to snack one. I really like the spice it had.


The Sweet Onion was fantastic with dips and not overpowering. One thing I love about this brand is the chips hold up well to scooping a thick dip without breaking. I thought it was best with a sour cream based dip.


Overall I would highly recommend trying these. Nothing annoys me more then buying a brand of chips because the flavor advertised and then you can’t taste it at all. Because The Better Chip is made with 40% fresh produce it’s packed with natural flavor. I’ll fan myself with these yummy flavors while you go pick yourself up a bag to try.


Currently you can find them in the following states: AL, ID, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, NE, NJ, NY, OH, OR, TX. Be sure to check out their website HERE to see which stores carry them or ask your local grocery store to order some. I would love to see what new flavors they have in the works as they grow after tasting how good the 3 I tried where!

Disclosure: The chips and t-shirt where provided by The Better Chip. I was not paid or told what to write in my review. All opinions are my own.

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