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Wow what a weekend! So Saturday was the Katy Rice Festival and I’m proud to say we did really well woohoo!! Out of my 4 dishes 3 placed and I couldn’t be any more excited. Here’s a quick recap and if you want the recipes click the title of the dish and it’ll take you to a printer friendly version.

My dad’s entries:
Rice’n Eggplant Veggie Patty (Heart Healthy) 3rd place $50 prize
Tofu Rice Baskets (Anything Using Rice) didn’t place

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My entries:
Grilled Shrimp with Sweet and Spicy Rice (Anything Using Rice) 1st place $100 prize
Coconut Cupcakes (Desserts) 1st place $100 prize

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My husband’s entries:
Warm Rice Pecan Vinaigrette (Heart Healthy) 2nd place $75 prize
Broccoli Rice Salad (Appetizer/Side Dish/Salad) didn’t place

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While we didn’t walk away with the Best in Show $200 prize we still did pretty good overall!

I also attended the photo contest results reception last night and here’s how that turned out. All of my photos made the top 10, but I didn’t place. I’m very proud of my nephew Josh who entered his first photo contest. He had 2 pictures which both made the top 10 and one got honorable mention. I’m so happy for him and I think I created a monster, because he’s already asking when the next photo contest I’m entering is. Even though he beat me I’m more proud that I was there to cheer him on and encourage him into following his passion.

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