Ok, before you say what in the heck where you thinking, I ‘m putting it out there I was trying to think outside the box. Johnsonville had a recipe contest using their sausage and I thought it would be a cool idea to cook the Italian Sausage and add it to pasta dough. Well, it was a good idea until it came to executing it! I forgot that the chunks of meat in the pasta would make it difficult to roll out really thin for the pasta so it started to kind of fall apart and I had to use the thick noodle cutter because you couldn’t get anything smaller with it as fragile as it was. It was a good idea, but overall I don’t recommend it haha.

I used 2 links of sausage and cooked that down and drained it.


I added the cooked and cooled sausage to a basic pasta recipe (click HERE for recipe).


Then it all went down hill.


Well, lessoned learned, but would have never known unless I tried! Needless to say I didn’t enter my recipe, because I didn’t see them picking it as a winner, when most people don’t make pasta to begin with. I need to think of an easier recipe ideas!

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