I recently purchased Eva Longoria’s new cookbook Eva’s Kitchen. Flipping through I really like how simple the recipes are, a few are ones I have that my grandmother made or have been around a while, but I still enjoyed having them all in one place now. Since it’s summer time and my mint is starting to grow wild I thought I would try a cocktail recipe from the book. Overall I really enjoyed how fresh the drink was, I’m not a huge mojito fan so the chunks of mint threw me off. I probably will puree it more next time or maybe just release the oil of the mint in my hands and throw in the leaves instead of blending them. Either way, it’s made from scratch and I loved the recipe fore the lemonade which wasn’t overly sweet.

Hubby added booze to his and said it was good so feel free to add whisky, vodka, rum, tequila, etc.


Before I forget I want to welcome a cutie to the world!! Dakota was born Thursday, May 19th, 9 pounds 11 ounces. Congrats to our friends Tad and Angela!! The dress she’s wearing was one I made, click HERE for details of the shower.

Mint Lemonade
(Adapted from Eva’s Kitchen)

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(4 servings)

½ cup sugar
¼ cup hot water
½ cup fresh lemon juice (from 4 lemons)

Place sugar and hot water in a 2 quart container.


Close tightly and shake until the sugar is dissolved. Add the lemon juice and enough cold water to make 3 cups total.


Shake until well combined.


Mint Lemonade
(2 servings)

about 12 ice cubes (3 ½ cups)
1 ½ cups lemonade, plus more if needed
6 to 7 sprigs of fresh mint, plus more for garnish

Place the ice in  blender. Pour over the lemonade. Pull the leaves off the mint and add to the blender.


Puree until well blended and slushy. If too liquidy, add more ice and puree, if too slushy, add a little more lemonade and puree until well blended.

Pour into two 12 ounce glasses. Garnish each with a mint sprig and serve immediately.


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