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It’s been a madhouse around my place lately. We have been out of town more a couple of weeks in Taos, New Mexico. Kind of a work-vacation, but still a nice break from the Texas heat. You can see all the pictures and review of our trip on my other new blog A Traveling Foodie’s Review. Like I don’t have enough stuff to keep up with I have another blog to share my travels and new restaurants we try!  : )  I’m still in the process of updating old trips on there, when I find the time.

Anyway, we got back in town Wednesday night and then the whirl wind started! Thursday and Friday I had to prep everything for a BBQ Cook Off Saturday and then make a cake for my brother in law’s surprise 25th anniversary party.

I decided to keep the cake simple and did a triple chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate covered strawberries. It was really moist and super yummy!

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Now on to Saturday. What a LONG day that was! Hubby was worn out from the trip and wasn’t really feeling it so of course his meat protested and didn’t place as good as he normally does.

We got 3rd place on chicken

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3rd place on dessert with my key lime cupcakes

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3rd place with the mystery category (I made grilled shrimp over buttered noodles with smoked spinach/artichoke/crawfish stuffed bread)

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Our friends also did really well I’m so proud of them!

Whiskey River Smokers I – Grand Champion, 1st place ribs, 1st place mystery, 1st place chili, 2nd place chicken

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Brand X – 1st place brisket, 2nd place ribs

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I had to take Monday off from blogging just to get my house back in order. This weekend will be busy as well with a tequila tasting Friday night, Dinner Club Saturday night. May was supposed to slow down, but it doesn’t seem to be the case this year!

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