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It’s been a long ride and it’s almost over. The rodeo ends this Sunday so I’ll have a couple pictures to share next week as well. This year has been an amazing rodeo season and it’s a little bitter sweet. I really do enjoy going to the rodeo I just don’t enjoy going back to back to back for 3 weeks because it really wears you down.

Before I get to rodeo pictures let me announce our winner of the is comment #12 The Japanese Redneck!! Ramona’s favorite events at the rodeo are the bull riding and watching the bull fighters. Congrats!! My favorite events are the bull riding, mutton busting and cafe scramble. You can see just as much passion in the bull riders faces as you do the kids who are trying so hard. Love the rodeo!!

Last Friday was Lady Antebellum, one of my favorite groups!

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Saturday was a really long day for us. We started out with the Steer Auction breakfast then headed over to buy our steers.

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Everyone is tired the kids, the animals and me.

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They kick off the auction with a cattle call which is really fantastic if you’ve never heard it.

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Grand Champion steer sold for $350,000 and the reserve went for $310,000.

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We didn’t have that kind of dough, but we did buy 2 while we where there. (No one knows how to work my camera or zoom, but you get the idea.)

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After that we met up with some of our friends and walked around the Reliant Center. If you ever come to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo you want to be sure you check this area out. This is where you will learn a lot about anything and everything you want to. There’s a birthing area that tracks animals going into labor and you can see newborns, there’s a cow milking area, worm and seeds area, petting zoo, tons of other informational stations and of course shopping galore.

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Gary Allan puts on a heck of a show, I just wish he didn’t look so mad when he sings! (It really bugged me that I couldn’t figure out what the little bottle next to his cup on the table was…..Gary tweet me back!!)

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Sunday was Go Tejano Day which we took off and got some things done around the house.

Monday Kid Rock came to town. I was surprised to hear he is coming out with a country album so I had my fingers crossed his whole set list wouldn’t be cover songs, well he did do some cover songs and a lot of his old stuff. I don’t think he did any more then 2 new songs. By far one of the best performances so far this year. He’s one energetic person!

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Tuesday was KISS what a sight that was. I watch their show Family Jewels so I was excited to see them in concert. My hubby was very excited since he grew up listening to them. I only knew a few songs, but I was impressed that they put on a heck of a show! The only problem I had it was hard to understand the words to the songs because the sound was so loud. I was impressed that they had some soldiers come on stage and got the whole stadium to recite the pledge of allegiance.

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Wednesday we saw Miranda Lambert. I’m a fan of hers she seems really sweet and has some good songs out. Hubby left the camera in the car so I wasn’t able to get any pictures tonight. I do have to say she’s a little firecracker on stage so full of energy!

Thursday (Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!!) Zac Brown Band was another group I was looking forward to seeing in person.

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Friday is finally a night off for us. We have seen Alan Jackson several times so I wasn’t gung-ho about seeing him again when instead I could rest up for the the last two days of rodeo (Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean).

Hope ya’ll are enjoying all the pictures!

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