I really like a Reuben sandwich every once in a while, but there’s only so many I want to eat in a row so instead of buying corned beef, I decided to change it up and use some leftover turkey we had. Hubby was pleasantly surprised that it was really good. Of course anytime you have a warm sandwich with gooey cheese it’s good right?


Turkey Reuben Sandwich

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rye bread
Thousand Island dressing
corned beef
Swiss cheese

Spread 2 slices of rye bread lightly with Thousand Island dressing.


Put a slice of Swiss cheese then a layer of sauerkraut over one slice, top with turkey.


Top with the second slice, dressing side down. Grill sandwich on a pennine press or butter outside of Reuben sandwich lightly with soft butter or margarine and toast on a griddle or grill, turning to brown evenly.


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