Oh my what a week!!! Saying I need a nap is an understatement!

Saturday we headed back to the rodeo for Billy Currington. He put on a fantastic show, but first here’s some snaps of the rodeo part of the show.

IMG_9260 [800x600]IMG_9309 [800x600]IMG_9295 [800x600]IMG_9296 [800x600]IMG_9348 [800x600]IMG_9366 [800x600]IMG_9381 [800x600]IMG_9383 [800x600]IMG_9386 [800x600]IMG_9397 [800x600]IMG_9408 [800x600]

Billy Currington is a great performer and I really like that he walked off in the end shaking hands and giving out hugs instead of disappearing in a truck.

IMG_9415 [800x600]IMG_9422 [800x600]IMG_9426 [800x600]IMG_9430 [800x600]

I had lots of fun with my niece Ashley (left) and my friend Angela(middle)!

IMG_9446 [800x600]

We skipped going to Selena Gomez on Sunday and rested up for Monday night Tim McGraw. Also a treat was bull rider Cord McCoy. If you watch Amazing Race he’s on there with his brother.

IMG_4638 [800x600]IMG_4641 [800x600]

Tuesday was Keith Urban. I didn’t get any pictures because my battery died in my camera.  : (

Wednesday we took the day off. I had seen Martina McBride several times, so we decided to skip that night.

Thursday Rascal Flatts came to town and as usual they put on a great show!

IMG_9493 [800x600]IMG_9505 [800x600]IMG_9480 [800x600]

Tonight is one of my favorite groups that I’m most looking forward to seeing Lady Antebellum! Insert squeal! haha More pictures to come next week. Have a great weekend!!

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