Carrie Underwood is a super sweet girl who seems really down to earth. I can’t thank the radio station and vitamin water enough for such a unique experience! (It was nice meeting you Laura!!) Carrie had 3 guards standing in the room to make sure you weren’t taking pictures while in line. (I broke the rule, I’m such a rebel!) Here’s a look at the meet and greet room.

The room was small, but we went in in groups so it wasn’t so bad. She signs 1 item and you get 1 photo with her so you keep your fingers crossed it comes out and you don’t blink. So my turn to meet her comes up and I ask her a foodie question of course. 🙂 I asked “what is your favorite thing to cook at home?”. She looks at me and says – oh my gosh that’s a hard question. I love making everyday things such as pizza and quesadilla, but I like to put a healthy twist on it such as on pizza I use tortillas as the pizza crust and then add veggies and a little cheese to get the flavor then top the rest with fat free cheese. I love cheese and there’s so many out there now a days that your options are endless.

I of course told her she’s adorable and she seemed interested that I have a food blog so I had to give her a card. I really hope she stops by to check out my blog (I LOVE YOU CARRIE!!), but you never know.

So Billy Currington was one of the opening acts for Carrie and he did an awesome set.

Here’s where our seats where:

Here’s a couple of pictures during Carrie Underwood’s performance. I’m still amazed that such a tiny person can have such a big voice. I also love that she kept her set simple and didn’t have a lot dancers and other things to take away from keeping your eyes on her.

Then she did something that was totally fun. She climbs into this truck which took her out into the crowd right above our heads!

Carrie also had this really cool video screen dress.

She loves the opry and said that she takes that feeling to each of her shows because it’s so special to her.

She played the guitar a couple of times then jumped on the piano to play her mama song. I love this song! She had a slide show in the background with pictures of her and her mom when she was little and growing up. I thought it was really neat and a personal touch.

Thanks for coming to Houston Carrie, it was a fantastic show!!

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