Oh my what a busy weekend we had! Friday night was the Hide Party which is a dinner they hold for the donors who bought a steer the previous year. The picture above is a picture of me by some of the top hides at the entry into the party.

Here’s a picture of the room:

It had a fancy wedding look to it with 2 different table centerpieces.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the food. We got there early and they where still setting up so I wanted to wait till they where finished then totally forgot. They had salad, cheese, fruit, boiled shrimp, bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped chicken, spinach dip, meat station, stuffed mushrooms and several desserts.

Here’s the steers we bought last year:

Saturday we headed to Saint Arnold’s brewery to celebrate our friend Brian’s birthday and dinner later that night. Then on Sunday we had really nice weather so we spent the day outside. We laid down new mulch and smoked meat with fellow teammates Tad and Angela to get ready for upcoming contest.
I haven’t shared our Sunday steak night in a while so this week is the whole meal. We had steak with a herbed butter, corn souffle and spinach risotto. Believe me it was mmm mmm good!

We wanted to try an herbed butter similar to the one our friend had ordered through an online deal, but this is what we came up with. Adam’s has a nice variety of spices out and I decided to blend this Classic Italian Bread Dipper one with butter. It’s original use is to be added with oil and used to dip bread in, but me being inspired by the butter we had really made me want to try it. It turned out really good too.

There’s no exact recipe to this you just add your desired amount of seasoning with some softened butter then put it in the fridge to firm back up.



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