I just realized I haven’t told you my New Year’s resolution. Drum roll please……I’m going to try foods that I normally shy away from and try to not be such a picky eater. Blah it taste bad just saying it. lol All kidding aside I’m one of those people who will not complain at someones house, but simply leave a pile of stuff I have picked out of the dish. I don’t like onions, unless they are fried or sauteed, tomatoes unless it’s ketchup or spaghetti sauce or salsa (unless both are well blended with no chunks), mushrooms, okra unless fried, celery, bell peppers, green onions, beets, radish, cucumbers, the list goes on and on. I know you’re thinking how the heck can she cook when she doesn’t eat half the stuff out there? Well, problem is I cook it even though I don’t eat it and rely on people’s opinions to adjust it in the future. Kind of like being in the customer service field lol.

So I figure the best thing to start with is mushrooms. I’ve posted a couple recipes before using mushrooms, but that’s for my husband and I usually leave them out on my portions. I first tried mushroom soup at the restaurant Voice which is who hosted the Gingerbread Dog house event. My husband said “try this you can’t tell there’s mushrooms in it” I’m like yeah whatever, but gave it a shot anyway. He then had issues taking the dish away from me. I then begged the waiter for the recipe which he gave me the ingredients, but no measurements. Then luckily when I was searching the web for similar recipes bam the recipe was on the restaurants page so it made my day.

I warn you this makes a lot so you might want to cut it in half and it’s rich so don’t plan on eating a big bowl of it at a time, it works best as an appetizer portion. The only problem I had with it not tasting like Voice’s was that my soup was thicker and it had a mushroomy taste. I think adding a little more wine will make it better, because you know they thin it out to stretch their dollar. They also list 3 types of mushrooms so I think the key is to divide it up evenly using a pound of each. I used 2 and 1/2 pounds crimini then some sliced shitake in a jar because I couldn’t find any fresh and the portabellos didn’t look fresh at the store either. They served it in a cappuccino cup, but I put it in a clear bowl so you can see how it looked.

Mushroom Soup “Cappuccino”

(Adapted from Voice restaurant)
3T Vegetable Oil
2 Large onions, 1/2″ dice
3lb Mushrooms and scraps (crimini, portabello, shitake)
3T Garlic chopped
2C White wine
Chicken stock
3C Cream
Salt and Pepper
In a large sauce pot over medium, heat, add oil until hot.
Add onions and lightly caramelize. Next add mushroom scrap and sweat thoroughly, about 5 minutes. Add garlic for another 2 minutes, and then add white wine.
Reduce wine by 75 and add enough chicken stock to cover mixture by about a 1/2″. Bring to a simmer for 15 minutes, add cream, and simmer another 5 minutes.
In a small batches blend soup with blender or hand blender. Strain through a medium strainer.
Truffle Foam
2T Truffle oil
1/2c Whipping cream
1tsp Kosher salt
For truffle foam, mix truffle oil and cold whipping cream. Mix until peaks are stiff. Season with salt. Place a dollop of cream on top of hot soup.

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