Yeah I’m WAY overdo for a new post, so bare with me. I’m in transition training someone new at the office and I have tons of stuff I need to blog about, but I’ve been beat at the end of the day. Sooo I hope to get back on track now that I got the computer at home updated with all the editing programs I need.

How cool is this leaf? Hubby found it while he was doing yard work. I’ve never seen one look like a butterfly.

We don’t have any kids except our hairy child Mocha. She’s a total daddy’s girl and follows him every where. The only time she follows me around is when I’m in the kitchen or it’s time to cuddle up on the couch at night. So this is our first father’s day with Mocha and I found it appropriate that she get him the perfect gift. I was at Hobby Lobby one day and noticed they had some dog tshirts. I knew I had to get one and make a custom one for her. Moving down the isle where the diamond iron on sayings and the one that caught my eye was….yep you guessed it Daddy’s Girl. It turned out super cute and he loved it!

I made the breakfast he requested, sausage and biscuits. I really love the Pillsbury frozen individual biscuits. With it just being the 2 of us sometimes I don’t want to make a whole can and to me leftover biscuits get soggy and I don’t like them. These work perfectly and I bake only what I need.

I know it’s father’s day, but since Mocha was such a good sport I thought I would make her a special treat. She loves the frosty paws in the store, but they’re kind of pricey and I don’t let her have a whole one at one time just to be frugal. Looking for new dog treat recipes online I stumbled upon one for frosty paws. Woohoo! So excited and they take a few minutes to whip up and now I have the portion sizes exactly how I want them.

Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream Recipe

(Recipe makes 2 ice cube trays and 3 small Chinese soup containers)

32 ounces plain yogurt
1 mashed banana
1 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey

Mix all ingredients in a blender then dump into ice cube trays, paper cups, etc.

If you’re doing them for a doggy party, mix in a blender then spread 1-1 1/2 inches thick on wax paper. Freeze for five minutes and then remove product from freezer. Next use a paw shaped cookie cutter to cut a “frosty paw” shape. Return to freezer until it freezes solid.

Here’s our little diva showing off her new shirt:

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