Today you get a bonus post! I can’t let Cinco de Mayo go by without a delicious margarita recipe! Cheers and don’t forget to drink responsibly!!

I love margaritas, but I can’t drink more than 2 or I get a major headache. I like this margarita because I can have more than one without the sugar headache. It’s also all about the tequila I personally like Milagro and you have to use silver or it won’t taste right. Depending on how strong you like it depends on how much limeade you use as well.

Skinny Margarita
(Created by Finding Inspiration in Food)

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2-3 ounces silver tequila
1 ounce grand mariner
Topo Chico

In a glass with ice combine the tequila and grand mariner. Fill with limeade to your liking and top off with a splash of topo chico to add some fizz.

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