I LOVE Halloween! It’s one of the fun holidays to really branch out and be super creative. This looks like a lot of work to pull off, but honestly its so easy and you just need 3-4 ingredients!

I use the premade frozen pie crust to made individual mini eye pies. You’ll want to bake the pie shells.

Once the pies are baked you will fill them when premade cherry pie filling.

I then cut out rounds to top the pies.

You will then brush the tops with egg whites.

Using a frozen cherry, place in the center of the pie.

Take another round cutout and cut in half. Gently place it over half of the frozen cherry. this will create the eyelid.

Bake as instructed on pie crust package until golden brown.

If you want you can add a little whipped cream or heavy whipping cream under the eye to give it a finished looked before serving.

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