Since my son is doing online learning and his birthday was a weekday this year we where able to pop out for lunch. We honestly don’t go out much, but for his birthday I chose a new place to try that didn’t have a lot of traffic, also going right when they opened helped. We had the place to ourselves. I have had this place on my radar for a while and while the outside doesn’t look like much let me tell you, the inside is gorgeous and well done! I also love a good instagram worthy wall to take pictures lol. Zero Degrees has locations all over so check out their site and pop in one near you!

We ordered a few things to share and our total came out to $25 for the 2 of us which was a great price point and we had leftovers to take home!

Tiger sugar milk with honey boba, ummm yes please! I sucked this down to the last drop it was sooooo good!

My son got the Cookie Monster shake, he almost finished it and took the last quarter of it home to have after dinner. It’s an Oreo shake. I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture before he started sucking it down lol.

We got the salt and pepper popcorn chicken (medium spice) with the hot Cheeto fries. The chicken is really good bite size and I was worried it would have been over cooked. It’s not, super juicy and flavorful. It even reheated good without drying out! The Cheeto fries are ehh. We like flaming Cheetos, but this wasn’t anything special, I would just get the garlic noodles instead.

The MUST order is the garlic noodles! We got ours with shrimp, which I would not get again, simply because you had to peel the shrimp. Our shrimp was also overcooked so it made it harder to peel. I would love to know what seasonings they used, because it paired perfectly with the garlic. Just makes me drool again thinking about how good it was!

Both of us are itching to go back. They have a great drink menu and I love how they kept the food menu simple without too many choices. Check out their site HERE.

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