This coffee drink has become a huge trending drink on social media this past year. The trend originally started in South Korea but has just become popular in North America recently. It was nicknamed “Dalgona Coffee” because it resembles the look of a popular toffee treat with the same name in South Korea.

I really wanted to try it since being stuck at home when covid started I missed my outings with friends trying out new coffee shops in the area. Let me tell you I could only drink part of this and was wired. I’ve never got so many projects done so fast lol. Of course looking at the recipe you’ll see why. I think it should be served as small espresso servings instead of a regular coffee cup. Maybe that’s how it was supposed to be and I just made it for myself so I messed up. I also highly recommend using an electric whisk or you’ll never get the whipped look like it should be light and fluffy.

Once mixed together it looks like this:

Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)
(Adapted from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons)

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3 Tbsp Instant Coffee Powder
3 Tbsp Granulated Sugar
2 Tbsp water
4 cups milk
ice cubes

In a small bowl, mix instant coffee powder and sugar. Add 2 tbsp water and beat the coffee and sugar until it is light and fluffy using a whisk. Add a few more drops of water while beating the coffee if needed.

Fill a glass with ice cubes. Then pour in the milk. Top the milk with whipped coffee.

Mix and serve chilled.

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