Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! While we won’t be celebrating with friends, we can make cupcakes and have Taco Tuesday!!! I recently made these as my dessert for the grade level taco bar we did for school field day. They where a huge hit and super cute! I also made these super cheap cactus for my table decor from Dollar Tree pool noodles and toothpicks. I simply cut the pool noodle in 3 sizes and then stuck away with toothpicks. You can use some stones to anchor in a bucket and arrange around your tablescape. Top with a fake flower in the hole and wham you have a cactus!

For the cupcakes you just use your favorite cake mix and icing. I broke the Golden Oreos in half then piped on more chocolate icing (you could also use crumbs of cake to look more like meat), top with some white cookie icing for the sour cream , then sprinkle orange sprinkles for the cheese and lastly some candy shred for the lettuce. You could also use coconut died green. I recommend not making the taco section too far in advance because the cookie will get soggy.

Need more inspiration for your table decor? I’ve got some pictures of the other grade levels to share. Bless my mom for being stuck up there all day helping me out when all I had to do originally was drop off some stuff quickly! She had a cute idea of using up some plastic cocktail glasses by adding the salsa in there so teachers could just grab one and go.

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