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A new gourmet bakery Delices De Maurice has recently opened up and I love to see new places that are family owned and not your average cookie cutter spot. I went with 2 other friends for lunch and fell in love just walking in. It reminded me of our travels and I instantly felt like I was back on vacation again!

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Everything is on display here so you can see what you get. Of course it also makes you want it all!

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We finally settled on what we wanted to order and headed to take a seat. While we waited the owner brought out a sample of the tomato bisque since that’s one of the items we where debating. I personally did not care for it. I think mostly because I am so accustomed to the creamy based ones that this one was more rustic and made me think of pureed pasta sauce.

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I ordered the onion soup $7 and holy smokes is it worth it. It’s packed full of onions and tons of flavor. I love the thick fresh bread on top just covered in cheese. This soup is done right in all the right ways! I also got the grilled chicken crepe $11.50. It’s filled with chicken, mozzarella and swiss cheese, mushrooms, avocado and pesto sauce. I think it was nicely done with a perfect thickness of crepe. I do think it was lacking in so flavoring, maybe a little seasoning or more smoky grill taste to offset the creamy cheese and avocado flavor.

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My friend ordered the club sandwich. I didn’t see the price, but it was huge and easily enough for 2 people. the potatoes nestled in the middle where AMAZING! We could have eaten a whole plate of them! They also had a really nice garlic mayo sauce on the sandwich which balanced it out nicely.

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Their menu has a nice selection and it’s also a great spot to grab a coffee and pastry. I do hope people stop in and they make it, as we could use more unique places like this around!

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