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We heading in town to meet friends for dinner at the State Fare Kitchen and Bar. They had been several times before and raved about this place, and I had also read some good reviews on the place.

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The inside is trendy and modern with a nice clean feel to it.

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We ordered some appetizers for the table to share. Crabmeat and Creamed Corn Hushpuppies (5) with Creole Remoulade $9. These little bites where amazing good with lots of good flavor packed in. The sauce was nicely balanced and complimented the balls. I just wish you got more with the order. Queso Balnco with Green chilies and Warm Tortilla Chips $9. Ehh this was ok. The queso was a little loose and the salsa they also served with it wasn’t that great. Onion Rings with Lee’s Burger Sauce $7. No complaints with this one. The onions where cooked nicely through and the sauce was tasty.

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Hubby ordered the Mac Daddy $20 (short ribs & roasted shallots. The meat is really tender and the mac and cheese is creamy, BUT there is NO FLAVOR! I had asked the waiter to bring some sort of seasoning and they brought be Sriracha. The dish has major potential, but I’ve never had a whole dish taste so bland in my life! 

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I ordered the Ahi Tuna Steak with crab fried rice, stir fried broccolini and jalapeno ponzu $32. Little overpriced to me, but a solid dish that tasted really good. Hubby said it’s a little on the salty side which I agree. I think they used a coarse salt on the brocollini which they didn’t use sparingly.

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I had to take some pics of my friends Oaxancan Tortilla Soup with smoked chicken, rich broth, avocado, tortilla strips & cheese crema $8. I got to taste a bite and the flavor packed in the chicken is so good. The whole soup was amazing!

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I think I would come back one more time to give it another try, but I’m really not itching to go. Their beer selection is fantastic and they also have a good variety on their menu so maybe we just got the wrong things.It seems they still have some balancing out to do when it comes to their dishes.

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