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I’ve been hearing a lot of good things food wise at Restless Palate. I honestly can’t wait to go back and try some of their other dishes after our wonderful lunch today. I will say the prices are a little high, but understandably so due to the rent in the location they are at.

The inside was not what I expected. I visioned a rustic country feel, but to my surprise it was bright and modern. 

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We started out with an order of White Cheddar Cheese Curds $10.99 (oregano marinated, spinach garden sauce). Very tasty starter which I recommend trying. The sauce was really good rather than having a marinara or ranch.

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For my son we ordered a pizza from their kids menu which comes with a drink.

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D ordered The RP Burger $13.99 (8oz choice short rib & ground chuck patty, blue cheese, caramelized onions, toasted kaiser roll). This burger is messy, but good. He said it’s not the best burger he’s ever had. Although it’s not like he wouldn’t order it again.

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I went with the Asiago Baked Chicken $17.99 (chicken breast stuffed with asiago cheese and spinach, bread crumbs, mushroom cream lemon butter, vegetable medley). This dish came out piping hot, but once it cooled it was so yummy! The veggies where also cooked nicely instead of being like most restaurants and barely cooked at all. The sauce was out of this world good and I’m so glad they chose to plate this in a bowl instead of a plate. The flavors all paired well together.

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I look forward to coming back and trying some of their other dishes.

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