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For our Friday playdates I’m happy to have a friend that loves to try new places and also let our kids play. Today we checked out Bonchon. As you walk in I love the vibrant red, black and silver colors. They really stand out and make it look modern and clean.

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There’s a full bar so you can have cocktails, beer and wine. We where promptly greeted by our waiter and I have to give him credit for dealing with our crew. He got down on the kids levels and chatted with them and made sure they where comfortable and taken care of. Service was quick even though we where the first ones in the space quickly filled with business men on lunch break.

For the kids we ordered POPCORN CHICKEN $9.95 (Juicy chicken bites, marinated and breaded in panko bread crumbs for the perfect crunch. Drizzled with honey and molasses and served with our house made kimchi mayo for dipping.) They where able to send the sauces on the side for the mommas to try and the kids gobbled up the chicken. My only complaint was with them using panko coating it got easily overcooked and was a little burnt. Not enough to taste, but just for looks.

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I ordered ordered the Small (10 pcs) wings $11.95 with choice of sauce (Soy Garlic / Spicy / Half & Half) I went went half and half. The soy garlic sauce has a nice sweet flavor to it without being overly sweet. The spicy was spicy, but in a sneak up on you subtle spice. I would love one spicy with a little less heat, but I would totally order it again.

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My friend ordered the Medium (20 pcs) wings $21.95 with 5 soy garlic and the rest naked. She’s what I like to call an expert on wings and raved about them. The side of pickled daikon radish is really yummy. It cools down the spice and is a perfect palate cleanser.

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Next time when the weather is cooler we’ll hang out outside so the kids can move around more.

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Will I come back ABSOLUTELY! There’s lots to pick from on their menu more than just wings (it’s what we where craving today). I already can’t decided what I want to try next. You won’t be disappointed eating here.

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