So this was my second time to come to Dish Society and sadly I’m not more of a fan than last time. Once again they are “out” of some ingerdients and can’t make a few items on the menu. Since we where doing a “pub crawl” type of night I opted to eat at Baker Street Pub, our stop before, which now I’m glad I did. However I do have to say the best thing of the night was their Boozy Milkshakes $9. The Peach Cobbler they didn’t have peaches so I opted for the banana rum one. DR. ZAIUS (coconut syrup, banana, rum, amy’s spiced rum) They have booze in them you can taste which I liked. Someone else at the table ordered a hot chocolate and said it was really good.

IMG_1730IMG_1732 (800x600)

Our table ordered the pretzels and queso $8. I liked the pretzels but didn’t care for the queso, however I did like the thickness.

IMG_1731 (800x600)

I ordered a side dish of their Truffle Mac and Cheese $6. It was ok with lots of truffle flavor, but not one of the favorites I’ve had.

IMG_1733 (800x600)

Still not sold on this place, although I would probably come back and try another dinner.

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