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For tonights Houston Restaurant menu selection we chose a French restaurant Aura Brasserie for $45 a person.

The inside area is modern and colorful with hand blown glass covering the wall. While the space is small I recommend setting a reservation before showing up just in case. The bar service was a little slow as it was a new bartender we where told, but the drinks where still really good.

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While looking over the menu then brought out bread a selection of bread with a tomato mayo. The sauce is to die for it’s tomato paste mixed with mayo, as strange as it sounds it’s really really good. The bread is nice and warm too, which I loved.

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For appetizers we got the Escargots (Served in Crocks with Parsley Butter) and Crab Beignets with Tabasco Remoulade. Both a delicious choice!

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Next came the Intermezzo (Cauliflower Truffle Cappuccino). I happened to really enjoy this even though D said he would not order it again if ask. The texture was nice and smooth. I think it should have been a smaller serving and it may have been more enjoyable than a larger bowl.

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For the second course we ordered Braised Beef Short Ribs (Bone-in, Served with Potato Gratin, Asparagus, Cabernet Reduction) and Ahi Tuna Migoise (Served with Crispy Shallots and Boquerones). We also ordered additional sides that where worth the splurge. The short ribs where so tender and the sauce, oh the sauce is melt in your mouth good. The tuna dish was good, I just didn’t care for the cold salad under it as well as the hunk of anchovy. The truffle mac and cheese I could eat all day on it’s own!

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Third course we chose the Crème Brûlée and Chocolate Fondant (with Pistachio Ice Cream). Ok just so you know there is an order to eat these in. You have to eat the Chocolate Fondant first then the creme brulee otherwise your palate changes for the worst and the chocolate taste bitter. Both are delicious, but when ordered together beware.

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As I’m eating the leftovers the next day it’s still amazing and I can’t wait to give this place a try on their regular menu.

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