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Upon heading up to the lake we came through Cedar Park around dinner time and decided to stop in at Blue Corn Harvest.

We ordered drinks from the bar while we waited for a table to be ready. The waitress also brought use some chips and salsa. The salsa was really good and had a nice chunky texture to it.

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Mojito $6.50. Could have used some more mint otherwise it was ok, I would probably order a different drink next time. 

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Chili con Queso with steak $5.99 (our signature queso, and organic ground ribeye with house pickeled jalapenos on the side) Really good and worth an order.

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Top Shelf Margarita $7.50 No complaints it was really good.

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They brought out some whipped butter and hot corn muffins which are to die for. We ate 3 baskets while we where there.

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Blue Crab Stuffed Chicken $14.99 (Grilled chicken breast, stuffed with crab meat, jack cheese and sweet roasted peppers with Cajun cream sauce, cheddar seared potato cake and farm fresh vegetables.) I really enjoyed this dish and also that the vegetables where juliened instead of the usual sliced coins. I just wish it was a little larger chicken breast instead of being a small thin one.

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Steak Enchiladas $12.99 (Seared beef tenderloin, carmelized onions and mixed cheese served with guacamole) D said it was good, but no better than any other restaurant he’s ever had.

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We probably won’t be back since there are many places in the area to pick from, but it’s worth checking out since they have a nice variety of dishes.

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