I had high hopes for the new restaurant Dish Society that opened their second location in Houston. They have a Kentucky Derby vibe and everything is farm to table. 

We started with a few appetizers to share crispy pork belly bites $8.50 (crispy texas pork belly, pecans, maple syrup, marjoram). The syrup was a nice touch and the pork belly had a lot of flavor, but I thought it was a little fatty and could have been cooked down a little more.

IMG_4822 (800x600)

We also ordered the fried Texas quail $13.50 [house favorite] (fried bandera, TX whole quail, seasoned cucumbers, jalapeno mint glaze, cilantro). While it was tasty I think the price is a little high for this when quail doesn’t have much meat to it.

IMG_4823 (800x600)

One person at the table ordered the brisket stuffed sweet potato $10 [ house favorite ] (baked sweet potato stuffed with texas grass fed brisket, green onions, cheddar, & house BBQ sauce with cabbage slaw). Worth every penny and stuffed to the max with meat.

IMG_4825 (800x600)

I ordered the shrimp and grits $15 [ house favorite ] (grilled gulf shrimp with smoked gouda bacon grits & Tabasco shallot butter) Holy Hell…when they say spicy Tabasco sauce they aren’t lying! It was almost too much heat to eat and I’m glad it was around the plate and not poured all over everything.

IMG_4826 (800x600)

Sad to say I probably won’t go back unless someone else in our group wants to try this place.

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