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Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill has been on my list to stop at for a while now. I’m glad we finally got a chance to stop. After reading a lot of reviews it’s the must go to spot for brunch on the weekend. Another tip get there before they open there’s always a wait. We went early on Sunday for lunch.

Most places put bread on the table, this one does a flavored popcorn. How genius is that?! For one, my son was in hogs heaven! I’m pretty sure he ate 3 by himself!

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For drinks we started out with a Hard Lemonade $8 and a Silvermoon Rita $8. Both where tasty and no complaints.

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We started out with trying an order of Corndog Shrimp $12. This is not worth the price at all! It was bland and not worth the price. I did really enjoy the honey mustard, blueberry swirl!

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D ordered the Green Chile Macaroni $16 (grilled chicken, corn bisque, bacon gratin). This was a great dish!

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I ordered the Backyard Chicken Sandwich $14 (pepper jack, avocado, poblano, onion, bbq sauce, egg bun). Super tender and very filling.

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Little man got an order of kids Chicken Tenders $4.95. I honestly would have eaten this myself. They where so tender and juicy I had to control myself and let him eat them.

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Overall, I would come back and try some other dishes for sure and would love to try their brunch menu everyone raves about.

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